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The time machine was first invented in the year 2011, still in it's nascent stage, it did not permit matter, but only energy to travel. I am currently in the year 2062 and am using a telereceptor in Japan to blog from. I am blogging back to the year 2011. I am Dash Motohito, and as of 2011, I am still unborn.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Introduction : How it all Started

I am currently in the year 2062, and due to the invention of the Matuhito Cosmo-Gluon emitter, time travelling has been made possible, however we cannot travel back to the past beyond the year 2011 as that is when the Matuhito Corporation developed the first prototype of the Telereceptor. Time travel is now top secret and  restricted only within the Japanese monarchy now run by the Matuhito family.

In the year 2011, Guy Osahito, independently made a time machine telereceptor. It is supposed that while still a student, Guy created the proton-quark-di-hydron accelerator(the PQDHA) without knowing that it was actually a Telereceptor. The actual invention is now credited to the Matuhito Corporatin.

In the year 2018, a biotechnology lab from India, 'Shastra Inc.' synthesised  DLVD (or popularly known as 'Sitara') from LSD and reported high doses enabled certain individuals to travel back in time and relive 30 minutes in a time loop. the test subjects reported to have been stuck in the loop for upto 80 hours. They continuously travelled back and injected themselves with DLVD. This technology would later go on to enable humans to time travel.

In the year 2021, Shastra Inc. was dissolved and taken over by Guy Osahito from Japan and all operations were moved to japan. Guy Osahito researched and developed the machine for 17 years without the knowledge of the Government. After the East War, Matuhito family took over Japan in 2038 and along with Guy Osahito formed the Matuhito Research and Development company. After Guy Osahito's death, his son was banished from Japan and so were all previous employees of the Osahito Corporation. It is speculated Guy was assassinated by the Matuhitas. Guy Osahito's son, Niwa fled to India, where he took refuge and re-established the Osahito foundation.

In 2049, Koi Matuhito was the first human to make a 6 minute round trip to the future and back. He verified by winning millions in a game of Hanafuda Koi-Koi.

In my time,the year 2062, I work for the Osahito Corporation currently operating from a small village in South India. I can only transmit information to the years 2011 to 2021(the time the telereceptor existed in Guy Osahito's basement Laboratory)

With Love from the future,